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Shoutout for Unprotected Labor

The Project S.O.U.L

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Our Initiatives

Project S.O.U.L.'s initiatives aim to uplift labor rights worldwide. We focus on spotlighting prison labor, unsafe work conditions, and COVID-19's impact on essential workers. As a part of Amnesty International, we participate in urgent campaigns for justice. Explore our initiatives and join us in making a difference for workers everywhere.

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Our Mission

Project S.O.U.L. is committed to championing labor rights globally. From Seoul to Exeter, we illuminate critical labor issues like unfair wages, unsafe environments, and prison labor, with a special focus on challenges faced by workers during the COVID-19 era. As a student chapter of Amnesty International, we participate in urgent campaigns for justice. Our mission is to educate, inspire action, and advocate for a world where every worker's rights are respected, and their voices are heard.

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Recent News

Stay updated with Project S.O.U.L.'s most recent developments and actions. Our 'Recent News' section highlights our latest campaigns, success stories, and news on labor rights globally. Learn about the impact we're making and the challenges we're addressing in the fight for fair labor practices.

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Take Part

Join Project S.O.U.L. in making a difference. We offer various opportunities to engage, from participating in letter-writing campaigns to lobbying for fair labor practices. Your involvement can bring about real change. Explore this section to learn how you can contribute to the fight for global labor rights.

Workers Rights in Numbers

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Children Engaged in Child Labor


People Trapped in Forced Labor

"No society can truly prosper without acknowledging and honoring the rights of its workers. The strength of a nation lies in the welfare of its workforce."

The Project S.O.U.L

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